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Intel Microelectronics (Thailand) officially announced the launch of an upgraded version of its two-year-old Centrino processor for mobile computers, code named Sonoma.

The new mobile chipset improves the capacity of wireless connectivity, battery life and overall performance, said Intel.

Sonoma, the third generation of the Centrino chipset, comes with multimedia and business features that supports 2x graphic performance, security concerns, 3D games, DVDs and even high-definition video and audio, such as Dolby Digital and 7.1 surround sound.

The Sonoma also includes wireless hardware and network connection software, coupled with a full 12-per-cent capacity increase over Intel’s existing Centrino.

“The new Sonoma technology is aimed at power users who need high-performance computers. PCs no longer have the same capacity and technology edge over notebooks, as notebooks are now able to combine high performance with mobility,” said Intel Microelectronics (Thailand) country manager Acharras Ouysinprasert.

He said that mobile-computer sales in the general consumer market have a growth rate of 17 per cent, while sales growth among professional users stands at 15 per cent.

Intel expects all mobile computers to be shipped with Wi-Fi technology by 2007.

Acharras said Intel expects to launch more than 150 different notebook designs based on the latest chipset by the end of this year, compared with 80 designs worldwide at present.

Published on January 24, 2005

Jirapan Boonnoon, The Nation

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