Now as good as gold : Isuzu celebrates 50 years in Thailand with a new series


Popular pop artist Tata Young poses next to the Isuzu D-Max Gold Series at its launch in Muang Thong Thani’s Challenger Hall last week. The Gold Series commemorates Isuzu’s 50 years of operations in Thailand.

With a spectacular performance by Tata Young at Muang Thong Thani’s Impact Arena, Isuzu launched its latest vehicles: the MU-7 and the D-Max Gold Series. The special vehicles commemorate the 50th anniversary of Isuzu in Thailand. A golden symbol is used to represent the values of wealth and success.

“In Japan, the level of success in a business is usually marked by a milestone once every 50 years. Hence, when Isuzu accomplishes 50 years of business in Thailand with countless successful endeavours, this indeed qualifies as an important milestone and calls for a celebration, because it is a golden jubilee,” said Tri Petch Isuzu Sales president Morikazu Chokki.

The Isuzu D-Max Gold Series will feature a new golden Isuzu logo on the front grille, rear tailgate and steering wheel. A new front grille and bumper guard have been added for a “macho” look. New side mirrors will feature LED turning lamps and offer wider vision, increasing the viewing angle 30 per cent, which helps eradicate blind spots and enhances safety.

Along with these features is a new adjustable active roof aerial that can be folded away for convenience. A new design for the brake lights increases attractiveness from the rear. The integrated key puts both the key and the remote in a single component. Other features are the interior chrome door handles and new leather seats. The Gold Series vehicles will be available in three new colours: golden bronze, metallic blue and red mica.

The MU-7 Gold, which can seat seven people, comes with a 7-inch DVD player in the front console and an 8-inch LCD monitor installed in the top of the interior cabin. Other attractive features besides those already available on the D-Max will be a rear-view camera, which helps in parking.

Vijo Varghese

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