Classic lines : Car-parts importer favours design over technology


One’s career is among the important factors when making a decision about what type of vehicle to possess. Peerapong Norasingha, an importer of parts for European cars, who has extensive experience with over two decades in the industry, is an example.

“I’m in the business of used-car parts from European countries and that’s why I favour European vehicles. European cars focus on appealing design, safety for passengers and drivers as well as durability. These are their selling points,” he said.

He now owns an Audi TT 2001, powered by a 1.8-litre turbo engine, manual transmission and four-wheel-drive system.

His Audi has a beautiful, immortal-looking design with a harmonious combination of convex and concave lines from boot to bonnet, said Peerapong.

“I have done almost nothing about decorating it with additional accessories. All I did was change its mag wheels to 18 inches. That’s it, but it looks beautiful. I have not done anything about the engine. All I do is maintenance according to the required schedule. Everything in its cabin was integrated proportionately into an attractive theme,” he said.

The car is also economical on fuel.

“If I do not rev it up to the point where the turbo kicks in it consumes less fuel. The engine is not too large and it is great for city driving. It is a 5-cylinder model and full-time all-wheel-drive system, so acceleration is very rapid once your foot touches the pedal, but it grows slower later, given its small engine. As I am an auto-parts importer, I’m not concerned about the parts,” he said.

Despite the introduction of new models, he still feels that his Audi is a greater classic than newer generations.

“The new models have concentrated on advanced technology rather than design. That’s why I think their designs are not harmonious. It is common for the first models of many cars to look more impressive than their followers and this is also a point that I like about my Audi,” he said.

Thanadol Rila

The Nation

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